Sonorous annunciator IA NKMR.468231.001-01
NKMR | 468231.001-01
Sonorous annunciator IA NKMR.468231.001-01

Sonorous annunciator IA with an integrated volume level control system meant for railroad train approaching signaling. The equipment is installed on rail crossings.

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Volume level at the distance 1 m along annunciator axis, dBА 90-95
At an angle ±45° with annunciator axis 85-90
Supply voltage powered by DC current mains , V From 10 to 28
Energy consumption, max, W 9
Size,mm 178х110х112
Weight, max, kg 0,8
Classification society matching MS3 per branch standard
32. 146-2000
Type of protection IP43 per GOST Standard
Climatic modification UHL-1, U-1
SKMTR Code 3185640586
Drawing № NKMR. 468231.001-01

Sonorous annunciator IA NKMR.468231.001-01 NKMR.468231.001 TU is meant for railroad train approaching signaling on rail crossings.

Sonorous annunciators IA NKMR.468231.001-01 are completely interchangeable with commonly used presently electrically driven and electromechanic soundings ZPT-12 and ZPT-24.

There are 2 climatic modifications of the device: UHL-1 and U-1.

Sonorous annunciator IA NKMR.468231.001-01 predominant features:

  • high reliability due to moving mechanical portions absence

  • annunciator sound data are permanent through time and do not depend on weather conditions

  • there is practically no maintenance service need arises

  • integrated volume level control system

  • by annunciator accessing to remote monitoring system (ASDK, APK-DK) its real situation repair may be carried out due to volume level control system

  • specifically developed polymer material hufter-proof body

Contents of delivery:

  • sonorous annunciator IA for rail crossings NKMR.468231.001-01

  • operational guidelines

  • label

  • installation kit

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