Digital switching station communication equipment set
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Digital switching station communication equipment set

Digital switching station communication equipment set handles a wide range of goals of the present communication systems .The equipment is in use on railway, in working spaces and underground.

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Product card
Trademark Size,max, mm Weight, kg,
SК-ASSTS 1830х600х420 90 -
PD-ASSTS 105х300х216 4 height dimension assigned
without telephone transmitter
ZMP-S 46х484х270 9,5 -
ZIS-S 46х484х180 6,5 -
ZMS-S 46х484х180 3,5 -

Engineering data

  • construction group principle makes it possible to arrange station- and  line-path communication

  • communication organization with the use of metallic circuit double-ended copper-wire cable

  • MS organization according to MB principle with inductor call or according to MB-TSB principle with the use of copper-wire cable line

  • any variety of telephone communication arranging

  • compatibility with similar equipment ZHATS (GATS)

  • ensure interaction with artificial channels and  communication lines of existing networks

  • PS line cut in to control room or LPS

  • possibility of operating regime In-line sequencing and terminal lines characteristic quantities from console PD-ASSTS

  • power failure messages logging

  • online communication with operating system and monitoring by Ethernet; possible connection to the Integrated monitoring and administration system.

  • DSP panel and operator's control panel may operate in multiple

  • SK-ASSTS rack is powered by single-phase alternating current mains 50 Hz, nominal voltage 220V, with a change in extremes from 187 to 242 V or nominal voltage battery supply 24 V.

  • PD-ASSTS console distant feed powered by shankout

  • wattage 70 W


Digital switching station communication equipment is a set software- and hardware complex for networking. The equipment is used in digital- and analog networks for variety of problems solution which exist present day in communication systems.

The following communication systems implementation based on digital switching station communication equipment is possible:

  • dispatch selective – and- inter-dispatch communications capable (control-, executive communications modes and combined control and executive operational communication mode are included)

  • dispatch communication

  • intercommunication public address system (fleet communication)

  • paging

  • line-path communication

  • station-by-station telephone communication

  • interstation communication

  • long-communication channel

  • switch point communication telephone connection

  • conference mode

  • conference communication

  • communication with audience

as well as:

  • remote device management

  • OPS sensor checking

The equipment is used on railway, in working spaces and underground.

Similar equipment: commutation switches SS KASS, KTS, KSM.

Current model specific character:

  • available set for signal communications system stations

  • terminal line equipment

  • operating regime and terminal line equipment setting software support

  • one-sided access to terminal line equipment in order to maintenance and repair

  • multipoint call and conference mode negotiation

  • call of a subscriber dial-up from communications lines

  • internal control system

  • monitoring and control systems

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