Horn loudspeaker 10GR-38SE

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Horn loudspeaker 10GR-38SE

Horn loudspeaker 10GR-38SE is used for signal in the field with amount of noise higher level; plastic casing, size 222×162×232 mm.


  • wattage 10 W

  • input sine voltage 30 V or 120 V

  • working range from 250 Hz to 6500 Hz

  • susceptibility level 1 W/m

  • effective sound pressure 124 dB

  • scattering angle by 1/4/8 kHz is 90°/40°/30°

  • size 222×162×232 mm

  • weight 1,4 kg

  • the equipment is made of plastic material

  • colour: white


10GR-38SE is used in warning system. Horn loudspeaker works under no timeline at temperatures - 40° С + 60° С. The equipment is used in indoor applications and in indoor applications with amount of noise higher level.

Similar equipment: 10 GR-38

Distinctive features:

  • wide-duty range

  • high sensitivity

Package contents:

  • 10GR-38SE

  • spot label

  • transport packaging

10 R-38:

  • powered by feeder line 30 V or 120 V

  • plug-in assisted  by straight-through cable

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