Input-isolating shield SCHVI-E

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Input-isolating shield SCHVI-E

Input-isolating shield SCHVI-E with an Advanced Surge Reduction and a Surge Protection Device. Dimensional specifications of the work-piece 150х140х65 mm.


  • shield weight - 0, 85 kg

  • size - 150х140х65 mm.

  • winding insulation withstands voltage 2000 V, alternating current frequency 50 Hz

  • dielectric resistance  -  2000 Mom


Input-isolating shield SCHVI-E is used as overvoltage-protective device on alternating-current railway sites in case of thunder-storm.

Special characteristics of input-isolating shield SCHVI-E:

  • lightning barrier;

  • protection from peak overvoltage;

  • matching transformer availability.

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