Input-protector device VZU-E
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Input-protector device VZU-E

Input-protector device shutdown with voltage jump safety of equipment. The equipment is installed on railroad stations.

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dielectric resistance  2000 МОм 
insulant withstands voltage  1000 V, 50 Hz during 1 minute
protection set– and  switching action attenuation  of 90 dB
low–frequency signal attenuation  1 dB 
traction load rejection  50 Hz is down min by 20 dB 


VZU-E is a cabinet unit used on railroad stations.

VZU-E permits:

  • on-highway cable group lead terminal;

  • operational communication system cable group lead terminal;

  • voltage jump safety of crew and equipment;

  • solderless circuit switching;

  • lashing logged in VSU-E test.

Сompleting units of plant of VZU cabinet unit:

  • ZMS-E

  • ZIS-E

  • ZMP-E

  • BMM2-2 or BMM2-3, BKT-30-2

  • ZMS-E (EIUS.468240.118) for 30 local traffic lines guard group

  • ZIS-E (EIUS.468240.119) unit for 10 selective feedback underfrequency traffic lines guard group

  • ZMP-E (EIUS.468240.120) unit for2 public address intercommunications system traffic lines guard group, connected through two-wire circuit, through four-wire circuit and 2 lines of interstation communication

Input-protector device VZU-E details:

  • low-profile package 44 mm high  

  • units are shipped loose as well as a part of input-protector device VZU-E   

  • excess-voltage protection unit can be set up.

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