Outdoor intercommunications UPN

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Outdoor intercommunications UPN

Outdoor intercommunications UPN used for audio broadcast provides continuity of service at temperature range from -40°С to +60°С.


  • full-time operation at temperature range from -40°С to +60°С

  • weight 1 kg

  • size 100х120х70 mm

  • operational lifetime 10 years

  • classification societies IP54 as per GOST Standard 14254 and МS1 and  К8 as per Application standard 32.146.

Network settings

  • dc power supply, voltage pattern 24 В ±10%;

  • frequency shift from 300 to 3400 Hz;

  • bandpass flatness, max 2 dB;

  • graded output signal  «Line» 0 dB;

  • consumption current 24 mA;

  • insulation strength 1500 V


UPN is used for communication and audio broadcast.

Designated area: public address system.

Analogy: UNPP and UPV.

Distinctive features:

  • anti-vandal functionality

  • protection from damp and dust

  • tuned amplifier

Completing units of plant:

  • UPN

  • mounting wrench

  • installation hardware

  • pack unit

  • certificate of equipment

Performance capabilities:

  • public address system transmitting

  • communication with 1 staff worker is possible

We deliver the equipment around the country and the CIS region!

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