Phone with dialer and handling TAN-UG
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Phone with dialer and handling TAN-UG

Phone with dialer and handling TAN-UG is used to conduct negotiations in duplex mode. Size 170×220×95 mm.

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Product card
signal strength, dB 0
DTMF«Line»  dialing output signal average
value by 600 Оm, dB
- 2 ±2
ring signal data:
frequency, Hz 1600 ±5
output «Line», dB 0 ±1
length, s 2 ±0,1
Input signal, dB -10
bandpass flatness,  reference frequency from
300 Hz to 3400 Hz, dB, maximum
stub current intensity (by 1600 Оm, 48 V), mА 25 ±2
weight, кg 0,4
size, mm 170×220×95

TAN-UG is used as office network monophone. The equipment cooperates with switching offices DX 500, Ob`- 128 etc.

Performance capabilities:

  • telephone transmitter is started by pressing push-to-talk switch

  • duplex mode of conducting negotiations

  • loudspeaker communication mode for conducting negotiations

  • super-speed dialing

  • automatic redialing in case the line is busy

  • signal frequency 1600 Hz

We deliver the equipment around the country and the CIS region!