Public-address amplifiers UT200M, UT600M
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Public-address amplifiers UT200M, UT600M

Public-address amplifiers UT200M, UT600M maintain is in use for two-side loudspeaking communication between chief and staff.

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Product card

  • link-up to 2 communication lines is possible

  • line level input and speech input operation

  • voice recording keeping is possible

  • fault protection is anticipated

  • input/output are protected against change of voltage

  • transmission level set up

  • input/output galvanic branching points

  • equipping state display

  • rack mounting mode 19 is possible

  • powered by ac power supply, 15 Hz, 220V

  • electric potential 24 V

  • current or voltage 15 mA

  • line-locked frequency peak value ±3 dB:

  • output signal amplification 2 dB

  • signal output distortion (1000 Hz) max 0,5%

  • power assist output voltage 30 V and 120 V


Public-address amplifiers UT200M, UT600M are applicable for warning; to maintain two-side loudspeaking communication between chief and staff, particular area allocation isn`t designed into.

Designated area: public-address signal, two-side loudspeaking communication in one section.

Similar equipment: TU 600

Public-address amplifiers distinctive features:

  • automatic transition to  free-running mode

  • telephone transmitter span adjustment

  • high-cycle- and underfrequency audio-fidelity control

  • input/output galvanic branching points

Сompleting units of plant:

  • UТ200M (UТ600М)

  • telephone transmitter

  • cable group

  • certificate of equipment

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