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Sheduler pedal lever PD-1, PD-1U
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Sheduler pedal lever PD-1, PD-1U

Sheduler pedal lever PD-1, PD-1U with the possibility to log on up to 8 set of contacts and expansion stroke height adjustment. The equipment in the use with outfit installation OTS.

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PD-1 1-8 switching contacts; PD-1U 1-4 switching contacts      
alternating voltage/current  1 А / ~ 220 V
direct voltage/current  1 А / 50 V
operational lifetime  10 years
guard group III as per  GOST Standard
classification society IP20 as per
GOST Standard 142544
full-time operation at temperatures  from + 1°С to + 40°С


PD-1  3,6 kg
PD-1U  1,5 kg


PD-1     465×330×55 mm
PD-1U  120×330×55 mm


PD-1 is used with outfit installation OTS in conversations mode; for communication between traffic supervisors, assistant station masters and control engineers.

Similar equipment: PD-3.

Distinctive features:

  • Outstanding reliability

  • set of contacts assignment

  • expansion stroke height adjustment

Performance capabilities PDU:

  • various operations of transmission control

  • message passing on speakerphone

  • up to 8 groups management

We deliver the equipment around the country and the CIS region!