Electric switch mechanism SP-6 MK
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Electric switch mechanism SP-6 MK

Upgraded electric switch mechanism SP-6 MK completed with ceramic-metal friction circles and electronic-code lock. Weight is max 170 kg.

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code SP-6 MK 
weight  170 kg 


Electric switch mechanism SP-6 MK is an upgraded alternative to SP-6К.

SP-6 MK advantages:

  • In the construction are used ceramic-metal friction circles fully produced at the factory «Termotron»

  • Electric switch mechanism is completed with unique electronic-code lock

  • Automatic antitheft system prevents breaking into drive housing, holds allowed access data and decapsulation dates

  • Electric switch mechanism low service requirement and reduction of maintenance expenses by means of antifriction lubricant material application and replacement of grease in reducing gear from fluid to thick. Change-over lever- and knife switch rolls, reproducing puncher wheel-hubs, rules inserts and sliding shutter are made of antifriction lubricant material.

  • Gearmotor jaw coupling is used in electric switch mechanism which is similar to SP-6M gearmotor; this junction is fully interchangeable

  • Electric switch mechanism weight – 170 kg

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