Electric switch mechanism SP-6M

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Electric switch mechanism SP-6M

Trunk railways electric switch mechanism SP-6M TU 32TSSH 2104-2002 with gate valve load rating 6.000 N. Size is 1015х780х255 mm.


Gate valve run, mm 154±2
Rules run, mm 147-156
Gate valve load rating, N 6000
Size, mm 1015х780х255
Weight, kg 170

Electric motor types and duty-cycle rating and time taken up at the load 1000 N on sliding shutter:

Electric motor type Wattage, W Voltage pattern, V Current intensity, А  Rate speed, revolution-per-minute Time taken up at the load 1000 N, sec
MSP-0,15 150 160 1.5 950 3.4
MSP-0,25 250 30 12.5 1460 2.3
100 3.6 1700 2.2
160 2.5 1700 2.2
MST-0,3 300 190 2.1 850 4.3
MST-0,6 600 190 2.8 2850 1.6
MST-0,3В 500 127/220 2.9 1370 2.84


Electric switch mechanism SP-6M TU 32TSSH 2104-2002 is used for running the service on trunk railways.

SP-6M is to be installed on railway point fitting to the right and to the left of the pointwork; electric switch mechanism control is exercised from electrical signalbox.

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