Electric switch mechanism SPM
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Electric switch mechanism SPM

Package type electric switch mechanism is used for high-speed train operation (train speed is up to 250 km/h). Hermetic package prevents ingress of moisture into the device.

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gate valve run, mm 150±2 
nominal  change-over energizing action , kN 3,5
maximum change-over energizing action , kN 6,5
change-over interval, max, seconds 5
rated change-over frequency, cycle per minute 2
rail tongue locking by inbuilt stopper block energizing action, min, kN 50
individual units weight, max, kg 80
electric motor power supply voltage, V 190+10% -5%

Package type electric switch mechanism SPM are meant for substitution for currently in use electric switch mechanisms SP and VSP (used for high-speed train operation (up to 250 km/h) pointwork).

Package type electric switch mechanism SPM construction:

  • wired controller and power-supply unit are installed into cored steel set timber which is mounted instead of rail sleepers

  • electric switch mechanism cover plate and lead-in are equipped with consolidators which makes the tools waterproof

  • electric switch mechanism construction foresees the possibility of rangedown factor to the left-or right-hand

  • electric switch mechanism SMP-150 main machines operation concept is similar to electric switch mechanism VSP-150 operating peculiarities

Package type electric switch mechanism SPM tie performance application makes possible:

  • to simplify electric switch mechanism kinematic chain and minimize intermediate joints number between load-bearing- and actuating elements

  • to bring down maintenance charges- volume of checking and adjustment, routine maintenance

  • to set timber power-actuated padding by tow-to-yarn machine

  • to enhance reliability and degree of safety of traffic working

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