6—units LED ground light signal 17844-00-00
6—units LED ground light signal 17844-00-00
6—units LED ground light signal 17844-00-00
6—units LED ground light signal 17844-00-00
Drawing No. | 17844-00-00
6—units LED ground light signal 17844-00-00

6—units tamper-proof LED ground light signal with a light-optical complex NKMR 676636.056 TU.  Drawing № 17844-00-00, SKMTR Code 3185642082.

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Product card
voltage pattern, AC current 10,5-12 V
power rating  of 1 light-optical complex 15 W
error-free running time by an average, less than or equal to 50000 h
working time of a LED complex, min 15 years
luminous intensity оf optical axis  
green 1250 cd
lunar-white 1800 cd
red 1000 cd
yellow 2000 cd
blue 150 cd
quantity of LED complexes SSS weight 4,5 kg
SSS quantity of LED complexes 6
SKMTR code 3185642082
drawing № 17844-00-00

6-units ground light signal 17844-00-00 TU 32 TU32 СSHCH 2141-2009 with LED light-optical complexes NKMR 676636.056 TU is designed and suitable for operation of trains and shunting operations.

LED ground light signal is mainly used on railroad stations as shunt-, route-indicating-, entrance signal (main-line track excluded) and other signal types. 

Predominant features of ground light signal 17844-00-00 compared to multi-lens signal:

  • performance reliability of LED complexes is 25 times higher

  • long - lasting performance; 2 times longer working time

  • operating and support costs are 10-15 times less

  • anti-vandal functionality

 Scope of supply:

  • ground light signal`s LED light unit – 1 piece. Composing body made of silumin with light-optical complexes and sunshields.

  • metal sole of  ground light signal– 1 piece. Mode 2. Overcoat - high-temperature zinc.

  • head and chest set – 1 set

  • mounting wrench – 1 piece.

  • advice note – 1 piece per a  parcel of equipment

  • outfit installation`s label – 1 piece

Distinctive features of 6-units ground light signal 17844-00-00:

  • silumin enclosed

  • galvanized suite, cupholders for fastening the light unit and design features

  • transformer`s format ST-4 (ST-4G) and connecting pieces UMP are not included in packing list (or shielding units TYA, PYA).