Block joint R-50 (nylon plastic)
Drawing No. | 75-5722
Block joint R-50 (nylon plastic)

Full set of components consisting of 5 switch section insulating items made of nylon plastic; rack mode R-50.

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Code R-50 
Drawing № 75-5722 

R-50 full set of components made of ethylene polymer and nylon plastic.

Scope of supply:

  • filler piece art PN - 50 (article code TSP 393-001)1item

  • filler piece art PBS-50  (article code TSP 393-004) 4 items

  • filler piece art PS-50 (article code TSP 192-03)2 items

  • insulating ledge аrt PPB - 50 (article code TSP 392-002) 4 items 

  • insulating ferrule art B-24 (article code TSP 392003)12 items

LLC «Alfa-Zhat» offers to buy the block joints R-50 low!

The equipment may be delivered throughout Russia and to the CIS region!