Digital route indicator NKMR.676658.019
NKMR | 676658.019
Digital route indicator NKMR.676658.019

Digital route indicator NKMR.676658.019 and NKMR.676658.018 TU with high resistance to mechanical stress. SKMTR Code 3185611765.

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Product card
AC current powered supply voltage, V 198-231
energy consumption, max 15
sighting distance of signal in insolation weather min, m 200
sighting distance of signal during the hours of darkness min, m 400
emission color white
information display digital
average time between failures, min, hours 50000
operational life, min, years 20
weight, max, kg 40
SKMTR Code 3185611765
drawing № NKMR.676658.019

Digital route indicator «B»NKMR.676658.019 NKMR.676658.018 TU is used for railroad trains and shunting consists approach track, departure line and line of march pointing.

Digital route indicator is the modern alternative to indicator lights based on electric incandescent lamps.

Digital route indicator predominant features:

  • service lifetime is 25 times longer than indicator lights useful life through the use of highly reliable LEDs and polyester colorants

  • high light intensity

  • low power consumption

  • catastrophic failures are excluded due to flare pot fail-soft redundancy (alternatively to single electric incandescent lamp usage)

  • scatterer glass is shock-proof

Contents of delivery:

  • digital route indicator NKMR.676658.019

  • installation kit for ferroconcrete (NKMR. 467981.033) supporting structure/for metallic (467981.032)* supporting structure

  • mounting wrench 16908-04-00

  • operation instruction

  • label

Note*: the equipment is completed by one installation kit; it depends on supporting structure type.

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