LED digital route position indication NKMR.676658.021

NKMR |676658.021

LED digital route position indication NKMR.676658.021

LED digital route position indication NKMR.676658.021, SKMTR Code 3185611767, weight is max 40 kg, white emission color.


AC current powered supply voltage, V 198-231
energy consumption, max, W 15
signal view in the sunlight, min, m 200
signal view in the night time, min, m 400
emission color white
information display digital
average time between failures,min, hours 50000
operational life ,min, years 20
weight, max, kg 40
SKMTR Code 3185611767
drawing № NKMR.676658.021


LED digital route position indication NKMR.676658.021 NKMR.676658.018 TU is used for pointing the traffic route of railroad trains. The direction is displayed with white colour upright, flat-lying or inclined lines. The equipment is an alternative to shortlived and uneconomical digital route indicators based on electric incandescent lamps.

Digital route indicator NKMR 676658.021 predominant features:

  • service lifetime is 25 times longer than indicator lights useful life through the use of highly reliable LEDs and polyester colorants

  • high light intensity

  • low power consumption

  • catastrophic failures are excluded due to flare pot fail-soft redundancy

  • scatterer glass is shock-proof

Contents of delivery:

  • LED digital route position indication NKMR.676658.021

  • installation kit for metallic (467981.032) supporting structure/ for ferroconcrete (NKMR.  467981.033)* supporting structure

  • mounting wrench 16908-04-00

  • operation instruction

  • label

Note*: the equipment is completed by one installation kit; it depends on supporting structure type.

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