Towed bad-order car existence detector
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Towed bad-order car existence detector

LED white colour towed bad-order car existence detector with a signal sighting distance min 200 m.

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voltage, AC current or DC current 10,5-12 V
energy consumption, max 25 W
signal colour white
signal sighting distance, min 200 m
luminous intensity, min 200 kd
warranty, min 20 years

Bad-order car existence detector is generally intended for engine operator information distribution about bad-order car existence in railroad train.

Bad-order car existence detector advantages compared to the similar equipment:

  • high light intensity

  • signal energy consumption is 10-15 times less, that is why it can be directly connected to signal location relay case without the use of unitized transformer substation

  • scatterer lens elements are shock-proof

  • signal weight is 2,5 times less

  • longer service life

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