LED industrial lighting fixture Yenisei 32.7000.60 Duray

Drawing No. |e32.7000.60

LED industrial lighting fixture Yenisei 32.7000.60 Duray

LED industrial lighting fixture Yenisei Duray light-emitting diodes overall number is 32, luminous flux 7000 lm, wattage 60 W. Size 442х118х65 mm.


supply frequency 50-60 Hz
wattage 60 W
phase factor > 0,97
light flux 7000 lm
light-emitting diodes Nichia (Japan), the 119th product line
light-emitting diode light efficiency > 218 lm
light-emitting diodes overall number 32 pcs
KSS type (per GOST Standard 17677) D or G
stream of light angle (2Q1/2) 120° or 120х35°
color temperature 4700 - 5300K
weight 3,0 kg
size 442х118х65 mm
light-emitting diode life cycle 100 000 h
warranty 5 years


Multi-operated LED industrial lighting fixture Yenisei 32.7000.60 Duray is an up-to-date and energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent luminaires RSP; it is completed with 32 NICHIA mark low-wearing light-emitting diodes.

The equipment comes in three flavors- inverted-U-shaped, surface-mounted luminaires and recessed downlights.

Similar equipment: DRL-250, DNaT-100.

Field of use: petrol garages, industrial premises, manufacturing complexes, hangars, storage facilities, repair areas etc. lighting.

Yenisei 32 predominant features:

  • 3 times cost cutting compared to fluorescent fixture RSP

  • easy installation

  • fluctuation < 1%

  • conformance to TR CU and GOST Standard

  • equipped with 32 high-brightness light-emitting diodes (NICHIA mark, Japan)

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