LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180

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LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180

LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180 equipped with Samsung, Osram, Nichia light-emitting diodes. Light flux is 10.000 lm. Consumed power is 180 W.


supply voltage 140-240 V
supply frequency            50-60 Hz
consumed power 180 W
light flux 10000 lm
light intensity curve as per GOST Standard 17677-82 L(G) semi expanded, L (deep)
color temperature 3500 - 5000K
operational lifetime, min 14 years
weight, max 11 kg
placement category U1
electric shock protection class 1st as per GOST Standard
external actions protection class IP65 as per GOST Standard 14254-96


LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180 is used for exterior lighting as an alternative to RKU, ZHKU, GKU incandescent lamps- and discharge lamps lighting fixtures.

Field of use: lighting of streets, highways, parklands, yards, surrounding areas, industrial buildings, warehouses, harbors, railway stations, rail gantries, railheads, level crossings etc.

LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180 may be fixed on the supports (cantilever constructions) as well as on the housetops and building walls.

Samsung, Osram, Nichia light-emitting diodes are used in the device.

LED street console lighting fixture body is made of anodic coated aluminum shape with a large radiator area which is suitable for painting.

LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180 advantages compared to traditional DRL and DNaT:

  • long service life

  • energy usage reduction

  • voltage jumps resistance

  • no carrying charges-there is no need of maintenance work

  • faults are ruled out with certainty-instead of one lamp bulb dozens of independent LEDs are used

  • environmental safety: the equipment is free of deleterious substances and noxious materials which are be need of specialized scrappage methods

  • vandalism guard: pressure-resisting aluminum body and crashproof polycarbonate glass

LED street lighting fixture SUOS-180 installation methods:

  • installation on cantilevered stack

  • direct ceiling mounting

  • ceiling mounting with the use of wire rope cable

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