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4-units LED suspended signal 17974-00-00 with a calling on signal
Drawing No. | 17974-00-00

4-units LED suspended signal 17974-00-00 with a calling on signal

4-units railway traffic lights with a calling on signal and light-optical complexes NKMR.676636.030 ТU. Drawing № 17974-00-00.
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Quantity of LED complexes 4
Chromacity of signal blue, red, green, lunar white lights, yellow 
SKMTR code not assigned code
Drawing № 17974-00-00
4-units suspended signal 17974-00-00 TU32 СSHCH 2141-2009 with a calling on signal and LED light-optical complexes NKMR.676636.030 ТU.

The application of LED suspended signal 17974-00-00 is traffic arrangements on tracks. LED light signal is designed to replace the retired multi-lens signal.

Distinctive features of 4-units LED suspended signal 17974-00-00:

  • galvanized tower, ladder, major components and cupholders come with the equipment

  • packing list includes shields, connector boxes, protection hoses made of state-of-the-industry polymer material

  • at order stage it  is necessary to precise the chroma of the light unit