Power supply 110-IP-LE NKMR.436634.002 ТU
NKMR | 436634.002-01
Power supply 110-IP-LE NKMR.436634.002 ТU

On-board power source for railway engine electronic installations SAUT, KLUB, ALSN is recommended for application on RF Ministry of communication lines road networks. Size 355х250х68 mm. NKMR 436634.002-01.

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Product card
input volt 75-160 V
graded out voltage 50±0,5 V
working stress out voltage permissible divergence ±5 V
output voltage ripple at frequency up to 1 kHz, max 3 V
load amperage 0,4-4 А
power output, min 200 W
fault protection and output excess voltage protection provided
gross load operation in parallel  of up to 4 power supplies provided
size 355х250х68 mm
weight 4,7 kg
drawing № NKMR.436634.002-01

On-board power source 110-IP-LE NKMR.436634.002-01 ТU for engine electronic installation.

Application: steady operation supporting and preventing of railway engine electronic installation SAUT, KLUB, ALSN- and  broadcaster breakdown due to supply voltage regulatory control, pulse interference elimination, primary voltage electrical isolation.

The device is equipped with 2 channels and is connected to 2 network points: to storage battery and to battery charge unit.

On-board power source 110-IP-LE is installed in electric multiple-unit train- and railway engine driver's cabs.

Gorky Railway custom-designed device 110-IP-LE passed all NIIZHA (Research and development establishment of railway automatic performance) and PKB TCT (planning and design office) acceptance tests and is recommended for application on RF Ministry of communication lines road networks.

On-board power source 110-IP-LE benefits compared with the similar equipment produced in RF:

  • high-level out voltage regulatory control

  • low output voltage ripple

  • single power output coefficient of fullness

  • catastrophic safety-system failure is excluded; instead of high-capacity common power supply dedicated power supplies for every system are used.

Optionally delivery is possible:

  • stands for diagnostic purposes and on-board lower source repair process

  • group set of spare tools and accessories with a view to ensuring equipment integrity after expiration of a warranty (1 set per 50 power supplies)

We deliver the equipment around the country and the CIS region!