Power supply 24-IP-LE NKMR.436.634.002-02 ТU
NKMR | 436.634.002-02
Power supply 24-IP-LE NKMR.436.634.002-02 ТU

On-board power source 24-IP-LE with graded out voltage 50 V, NKMR.436.634.002-02 ТU. Provides continuity of service of railway engine equipment set. Set 381х250х68 mm.

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Product card
input volt 17-35 V
graded out voltage 50 V
working stress out voltage permissible divergence ±3 V
output voltage ripple at frequency up to 10 kHz, max 0,5 V
by other frequency, max 1V
power output, min 200 W
stream hours 24 h
fault protection and output excess voltage protection provided
gross load operation in parallel  of up to 4 power supplies provided
operational lifetime, min 15 years
error-free running time, min 15000 h
size 381х250х68 mm
weight 5,5 kg
drawing № NKMR.436.634.002-02

Regulated power supply 24-IP-LE NKMR.436.634.002-02 ТU for railway engine equipment set.

Functionality: steady operation supporting and preventing of railway engine electronic installation KLUB-P and KLUB-UP- and broadcaster breakdown due to supply voltage regulatory control, pulse interference elimination, primary voltage electrical isolation.

On-board power source 24-IP-LE is used for installation into railway service operator’s cabs. On-board power source 24-IP-LE is unique equipment; there is no similar equipment in Russian Federation.

We deliver the equipment around the country and the CIS region!