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Crossing signaling panel board ShchPS-ES-3 NKMR.468317.003 TS for railway crossings
Drawing No. | none

Crossing signaling panel board ShchPS-ES-3 NKMR.468317.003 TS for railway crossings

Crossing signaling panel board ShchPS-ES-3 for double-track railway crossings Product drawing NKMR.468317.008. Overall dimensions of the product are 405x330x570 mm.
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Power supply

10.8 to 16.8 V

Power consumption for PS circuits

max 25 W

Trouble free operation

0.95 for 1000 hours of operation

Working capacity at temperatures

- 60°C to + 65°С

Protection rating per GOST 14254-96


Climatic design variant acc.to GOST15150-69



max. 25 kg

Drawing No.


INC (inventory network classifier)


Manufacturer’s warranty

36 months

Life span

20 years minimum


Panel board ShPS-ES-1 NKMR.468317.006

1 pc.

Operation manual NKMR.468317.003 RE

1 pc.


1 pc.

Marker plate NKMR.754312.203

1 pc.

Removable panel NKMR.741218.014

1 pc.

Spare parts kit

1 pc.

Crossing signaling control panel ShchPS-ES-3 NKMR.468317.003 TS for double-track railway crossings, location on the side of the second track, without UZP covers.

Functions of the crossing signaling board ShchPS-ES-3:

  • alarm control at double-track crossings with semi- and automatic gates
  • visual display of the train situation on the track sections before the crossing, which is under the control of the duty specialist
  • notification of the specialist supervising the crossing about the normal operation or the malfunctions of the crossing alarm
  • control and registration of the number of actuations of the emergency control buttons in emergency situations

Advantages of ShchPS-ES-3 panel board:

  • the panel board is equipped with a counter for registering the number of pressing the required buttons (counter of emergency events), thanks to which it will continue to operate normally without re-sealing
  • there are no locking mechanisms and seals on the required buttons, so the devices can be controlled as quickly as possible in emergency situations
  • modern switches with dust-proof contacts are used, which allows using the panel without removing gauntlet or gloves
  • the panel uses spring-loaded terminals that simplify connection during installation and do not require maintenance
  • the panel uses reliable LED indicators designed for the service life of the product
  • TMP for the connection of panels into APS was developed and approved

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