Redesigned railroad crossing gate PASH-1
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Redesigned railroad crossing gate PASH-1

Automatic grade-crossing gate PASH-1 with overrunning stop and electric actuator. Overrunning stop length is 4 and 6 m.

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Product card
Automatic bascular barrier TU 32 TSSH 4543-2003
Lifting angle 80-90
Lifting time, s max 12
Lowering movement interval, s 10±2
Overrunning stop length 4 m; 6 m
Overrunning stop mounting height , m 1,0..1,25
Type of engine AIR-56, 180 V, 220 W, 50 Hz
Climatic modification U per GOST Standard 15150, from -45 to +45°C
Weight, kg 220

Automatic grade-crossing gates PASH-1 are meant to be used on rail crossings.

Automatic grade-crossing gate complete unit involves counter-balanced overrunning stop and electric actuator which is plugged direct into rail road controlling system.

Redesigned railroad crossing gate PASH-1 construction is improved:

  • as a matter of support convenience electric actuator configuration was changed

  • connector block was replaced by an up-to-date barrier strip WADO type

  • engine shaft bearing assemblies  were switched to antifriction bearings of pressure type

  • adjustment is not needed - reduction gearbox is stiffened into electric actuator body

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