NKMR | 676636.007-01
LED yellow signal colour system MMZh NKMR.676636.007-01

High colour light signal system for Underground Railroad; equipped with independent yellow signal colour light-emitting diode arrays. NKMR .676636.007-01. Scatterer glasses are shock-proof.

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Product card
volts alternating current 10-12 V
wattage, max 25 W
error-free running time, min 50 000 hours
service life, min 20 years
axial lighting force, min 400 kd
signal colour yellow
diameter of the system 200 mm
drawing № NKMR.676636.007-01

LED high colour light signal system MMZh NKMR .676636.007-01 with yellow signal colour for Underground Railroad.

Functionality: organization of service and of shunting operations.

The system is an alternative to lens systems with electric incandescent lamps.

Package contents:

  • LED high colour light signal system MMZh NKMR .676636.007-01 for Underground Railroad (yellow signal colour) -1 pcs

  • background shield – 1 pcs

  • protective visor – 1 pcs

  • product label – 1 pcs

  • directions for use – 1 pcs per run of items

High colour light signal system advantages (in comparison to lens systems with electric incandescent lamps):

  • 25 times longer service life

  • system crashes are ruled out with certainty – instead of one lamp bulb  dozens 10s of independent of one another light-emitting-diode arrays are used

  • rub-out signal  occurrence circumstance when  spotlight in reflection is ruled out with certainty

  • high impact property of scatterer glasses

The system is compatible with light-out relay OSHM2-46 mode.

Given in technical conditions chromaticity coefficients are proved true by service of legal metrology (The All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements Federal State Unitary Enterprise) measurement results.

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