Cable trough components
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Cable trough components

Cable channel components used on railway bridges for single-track- and two-tracks railway. The equipment is in agreement with specification requirements GTSS 410111 (SHP-59-01).

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Cable group on railway bridges is laid with the use of cable duct inlying sheet-iron chute. Cable ducts are mounted on outboard supports; cable trough length should not exceed 2,0 m.

typical size   following sectional
140×200 mm  140×300 мм
140×200 mm  140×400 мм
140×200 mm  200×300 мм
140×200 mm  200×400 мм

There are following types of cable troughs: 

  • span/for operation in a span

  • end–capping/for below coastal area ground allocation

  • extended, for conductor joints

Use of cable trough provides:

  • easy mounting on any type of bridge span (reinforced concrete or metal)

  • favourable location on the bridge

  • conductor joints – and reserve cable easy mounting

  • signal – and supply cable trapping

  • unauthorized people access guarding 


Work-pieces conform to standards GTSS 410111 (SHP-59-01); needed for bridge span cross-walk providing (top road bridge and bottom-road bridge).The equipment is used on single-track railway and two-ways track railway bridges.

Usage pattern:

1. Unit cover plate provide access to cables; there are mountings with locking mechanism (for span and extended sections).

2. Drain condensation holes.

3. Support types:

  • Type 1 screw retainment to underside of bridge

  • Type 2 holdup screen and constructions above screw retainment

  • Type 3 cable anchorage to abutment pier

Supports may be fastened by welding operation, maximal step 1,5 m. Mounting hardware height control and above bridge overhanging length control of the unit is possible.

4. Splitters may be used for signal – and supply cable trapping.

5. Cable components unfit for pass–through it.

6. Cable trough base stand fibreglass elastic foundation protects the cable from accident–caused damage.

7. Corrosion–resistant coating.

Important: the quantity of supports is counted off as 1 pcs per 1,5 m of the bridge length.

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