Metal battery cabinets SHMB-М and SHMB-М-U

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Metal battery cabinets SHMB-М and SHMB-М-U

Metal battery cabinets SHMB-М and SHMB-М-U with polyester coating. Maximum number of electric batteries (ABN-72P mode) to store in a metal battery cabinet is 14.


Designation Marking Overall measurements,
max, mm
max, kg
SHMB-М mode EIUS code.465211.016-01 1735×985×660 max 140
SHMB-М-U mode EIUS code.465211.016 1310×985×660 max 115


Electric batteries are installed into metal battery cabinets SHMB-М and SHMB-М-U to ensure blocking unit reserve supply in automatic mode. In-and-out polyester coating makes the device resistant to alkalies and acids; it possesses anticorrosion properties and gloss retention. Battery cabinets proofing meets the standard IP43 and GosStandart 14254. Special section made of freezeproof resistant to water compounded rubber proof against ultraviolet, oxygen and ozone is used for compacting operation. 14 is a maximum number of electric batteries (ABN-72P) to install into a battery cabinet.

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