Protection equipment cable box KYA-AZ

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Protection equipment cable box KYA-AZ

Protection equipment cable box KYA-AZ is installed and used on bearing units in workstations with longitudinal main supply lines, provides overpower protection. Size is 515×340×170.


  • cable box without installed equipment is max 20 kg

  • cable box without fixing set is max 515×340×170

  • the equipment is made in variant UHL 1 as per GOST Standard 15150-69, temperatures range from -60 ° С to +65 ° С 

  • cable box belongs to classification societies K4 and MS2 per branch standard 32.146 – 2000

  • security level preventing solid bodies and water intrusion into body is according to GOST Standard 14254 - IР54.


Protection equipment cable box provides overpower protection and is used for connection at the cable conductors and aerial circuit fastening sites directly within the cable group.

Field of use: protection equipment cable box is installed and used on bearing units in workstations with longitudinal main supply lines. Cable entering into the cable box can be done through the tubes which are meant to be sited on the bearing units. Installation hardware full set helps to provide cable box body photocoupler isolation from the bearing units and delivery pipes.

Component parts:

  • cable box KYA-AZ (number according to order)

  • installation hardware set (1 pcs per a device)

  • engineering instruction (1 pcs per a device)

  • mounting wrench (1 pcs per a device)

  • marking (1 pcs per a device)

There is a possibility of pipe range delivery according to order depending on bearing unit cable entry height dimension (is marked as N):

  • pipe range № 1 (EIUS Code.301629.001) N 4845 mm

  • pipe range № 2 (EIUS Code. 301629.001-01) N 6045 mm

  • pipe range №3 (EIUS Code. 301629.001-02) N 7245 mm

During cable box KYA-10 replacement to cable box KYA-AZ already-present pipe range may be used which is meant for cable box KYA-10 cable entering.

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