Pulse track relay IVG-TS
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Pulse track relay IVG-TS

Pulse track relay IVG-TS with resistance to interference and immunity to electric shocks. In case of emergency outage the possibility of automatic transition to auxiliary route relay is foreseen.

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Product card

  • pulse track relay is made in NMSH relay housing; contact pieces are coincident with IMVSH, IVG-M, IVG-V

  • 2 microcontrollers with in-line analog-to-digital coders maintain high reliability and operations security

Features IVG-V mark IVG-TS mark
1 operate voltage, V 2,7...3,3 2,9…3,2
2 drop-away voltage, V min 2,2 2,1…2,4
3 input volt, max, V 7,5 10
4 strength, V ∼1000, 50 Hz ∼1500, 50 Hz
5 resistance min 10 МОm min 100 МОm
6 LED indication doesn`t correspond
to track code
corresponds to
track code
7 temperature, °С -45...+55 -45…+80
8 functioning position flat position random position
9 functioning quantity 5⋅108 5⋅109
10 dispatch control - +
11 redundancy capability - +


IVG-TS is used in AC current signal track circuit.

Field of use: various locomotive tractions sections of line and sections of line with hardware layout in Relay cabinet.

Similar equipment: IMVSH, IVG-M, IVG-V.

IVG-TS details:

  • high-wearing feature

  • improved reliability

  • resistance to noise and voltage jump resistance

  • status data transfer possibility to the dispatch control system

  • automatic switching to auxiliary route relay (IMVSH, IVG) in case of emergency outage

  • extended temperature ranges (up to +80 ° С)

  • deviation from functioning position is non-critical

  • clearness due to the LED indication

Component parts:

  • IVG-TS device (according to order number)

  • engineering instruction (1 pcs per 10 devices or less, sent to one receiver)

  • label (1 pcs per a device)

  • fault removal crowbar switch (1 pcs per 10 devices or less, sent to one receiver)

  • package (1 pcs per 10 devices)

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