Voltage monitor UKBN

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Voltage monitor UKBN

Output voltage monitor is suitable for data retention in case of normal power supply emergency outage. Energy input is 2,5 W.


  • 220 V AC power at frequency (50 ± 1) Hz limit deviation 160-260 V

  • energy input is 2,5 W

  • the equipping has a signal conditioning output meant for outstanding reliability individual point relay with winding resistance min 600 Om and rated operation voltage 12V control; individual point relay is energized at checking voltage allowed values of parameter.

  • output voltage monitor generates an emergency power cut-off signal in case of voltage overloading for 1,1-1,3 s

  • the relay picks up in 1,5-2 min after voltage supply setting in operation

  • emergency outage data transfer to dispatch control system

  • max 32V by current intensity 20 mA

  • there is display pattern due to light-emitting diodes on the front panel

  • factor of quality A (GOST R 50656-2001); factor of quality B if there was a power outage for 1,3 s.

  • temperature range from -20 ° С to +60 ° С

  • weight 2,5 kg


UKBN is used for no-break power supply out voltage- and line frequency (from 400 to 800 Hz) permanent monitoring and 1-st safety integrity level individual point relay STSB signal conditioning at which voltage pattern will be off in case of preset parameter overriding.

Designated area: signal track circuit power supply device at the stations and railway hauls by self-locking with centralized system mounting.

UKBN details:

  • sinusoidal components magnitude checking within the frequency band 400-800 Hz

  • self-checkout function

  • in case of an emergency outage it is possible to pass information about line frequency along to dispatch control system and to DSP

  • it is possible to hold normal power supply emergency outage data

Package contents:

  • BКN1 and (or) BКN2 (number according to order)

  • demountable connector used for stress-free state dump in radio broadcasting device (1 pcs per 10 items or less transmitted to one destination station)

  • engineering instruction (1 pcs per 10 items or less transmitted to one destination station)

  • identification mark (1 pcs per item)

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