Electric traction connectors
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Electric traction connectors

Electric traction connectors provide signaling, centralization and blocking equipment signal track circuits and automatic train control functional operation and prevent fault protection and traction current drain.

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hump drag in the attaching points should not exceed circuit section resistance with the same length   
maximum heating temperature  115±6°С 
damage-free wire tag final force  100 kgs (inaccuracy ±5%) 
connections chatter stability at the frequency band  from 5 to 1000 Hz 
at peak acceleration up to 40 g in vertical direction and up to 15 g in horizontal direction  inaccuracy ±5% 

There are following hardware versions:

Electric traction connectors
Drawing Marking
17360-06-00 EMS-70-900
17360-06-00-01  EMS -70-1500
17360-06-00-02  EMS -70-2600
17360-06-00-03  EMS -70-3300
17360-06-00-04  EMS -70-3800
17360-06-00-05 EMS -95-900
17360-06-00-06 EMS -95-1500
17360-06-00-07  EMS -95-2600
17360-06-00-08 EMS -95-3300
17360-06-00-09  EMS -95-3800
17360-06-00-10 EMS -120-900
17360-06-00-11 EMS -120-1500
17360-06-00-12  EMS -120-2600
17360-06-00-13 EMS -120-3300
17360-06-00-14 EMS -120-3800

Electric traction connector provides train safety back-up on the move and is the rail return component; it conducts traction current by double-current.

The equipment provides resistance heating traction current ductwork continuous network as well as electric transport sustained power supply.

Connectors provide:

  • Automatic Locomotive Signaling System (ALS) and signaling, centralization and blocking equipment signal track circuit functional operation

  • fault protection and traction current drain prevention

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