Line boxes isolation partition
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Line boxes isolation partition

Line boxes isolation partitions with an insulated galvanized steel lashing. The length of bonding jumper may be 1620 mm and 3600 mm (depending on the hardware version).

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There are following hardware versions based on type:

Drawing Size
15321-00-00 1600
15321-00-00 2000
15321-00-00-01 3600
15321-00-00-01 4500
15321-00-00-02 5600
15321-00-00-03 7600
15321-00-00-04 9600
15321-00-00-05 11600
15322-00-00 1600

Bonding jumpers are used for line boxes and signal track circuit connection.

Most in demand are the bonding jumpers 1620 mm and 3600 mm in length. Zinc-plated flexible cable (5,6-G-1-S-N-1470 (150) GOST Standard 3066-80, wireline size is 5,6 mm) is used in the process of bonding jumpers manufacturing.

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