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FASO-4 railroad lamp with charger

It is intended for illumination and giving of special light signals of red, yellow, green, white color.
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Battery type

acid gel (AGM) or Li-Ion

Supply voltage

6 V

Battery capacity

4.5 Ah or 5.2 Ah

Ingress protection


Cycle life

min. 200

LED power

3 W

Beam light distance

Min 70 m

Operating time in signal mode

min 24 hours

Operating time in lighting mode

min 10 h

Shelf life

1.5 years

Service life of lamp

5 years

Dimensions (LxWxH)

230х130х165 mm


1 kg


FASO-4 battery rail lamp is designed for use as an individual means of lighting to provide special light signals of red, yellow, green, white color in all weather conditions at an ambient temperature of -40C to +60C.

The lamp consists of a plastic impact-resistant case, inside which there is a sealed rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4.5 Ah and an overcharge protection board. On the body of the lamp there are buttons for switching modes with the corresponding LED indications, a connector for connecting the charger, as well as a button for turning on the light bulb.

The lamp works in two modes - signal and lighting. The white light source is a high power LED.

Light flow
Lm -270 (main white LED 1.2A), 135 (economical white LED), 50 (red, yellow, green LEDs 0.08A).

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