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Set of railway signal flags in a case FS-Zh-s
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Set of railway signal flags in a case FS-Zh-s

Designed to give visual signals.
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Scope of supply

yellow flag, red flag, case

Flagstaff material


Flag material

100% PE, taffeta

Case material

51% PE + 49% cot.
65% PE + 35% cot.
Density - 260 g/m2;
water-repellent finish (VO)
uniformly dyed fabric

Railway signal flags are designed to provide visual signals.

Signal railway flags protect the place of work, transportation of moderon, and work with a flaw detection trolley.

Signal flags are used in their work by those on duty at the station and those on duty at the crossing - to meet trains.

The presence of signal flags at the signalers is a prerequisite for the exit of the track crew on the railway track.

Alfa-Zhat guarantees the lowest price for the set of signal flags in a case.

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