24 April 2024

PVC insulated power cables

Armored power cables

Alfa ZHAT offers a new range of armored power cables. Armored cables are widely used when there is a risk of exposure to aggressive environments or damage by rodents and when there is an increased risk of mechanical damage to wires or when installing power lines underground. PVC insulation provides power cables with higher wear resistance and additional moisture insulation.

Our key cable products are highlighted in the following sections of our website:

  • Armored power cables АПВБШП

  • Armored power cables ПВБШП

  • Armored power cables АПВБШВ

  • Power cables АВВГ

  • Armored power cables ВБШВ

  • Armored power cables АВБШВ

  • Power cables АПВВГ

Regards, Alfa ZHAT LLC

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